Office Etiquette Matters

The Nineties have been blamed for the serious decline in office manners – it was a time when the “me” generations held sway. Indeed, the general lack of regard for others has reached such a level that many companies have become worried that it is affecting work performance and are consequently sending employees off on manners training courses.

  1. Turning up late for meetings and then not keeping to the agenda.
  2. Leaving communal rooms untidy.
  3. Never offering to get colleagues a coffee/tea/glass of water.
  4. Borrowing pens and other equipment and not returning them.
  5. Not saying please or thank you.
  6. Trying to talk to someone who’s on the phone.
  7. Sitting on someone’s desk.
  8. Not returning phone calls.
  9. Leaving the photocopier/fax machine out of paper and/or set to reduction and multiple copies.
  10. Not greeting colleagues in the morning.
  11. Shouting across the office.
  12. Not holding the door/lift open for others.
  13. Reading over other people’s shoulders while they are working.
  14. Sexist/racist remarks or behavior.



“Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of other persons”

Mark Twain – US Writer


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