Average vs Star Performers….


  Average Performers Star Performers
Initiative Average performers come up with ideas that will get them noticed by the Management Star performers offer ideas that will also benefit co-workers and the organisation
Networking Average employees thrive on gossip and limit contracts to those in their field Star build relationships within and outside their field and gladly share their knowledge
Self-management Most people limit this to managing time Stars also use it to develop talents that will increase their value to the organisation
Followership Average employees think this means sticking to a job description and not questioning authority Stars don’t hesitate to offer opinions on goals, tasks and methods. But despite all differences, they cooperate with authority to reach organisational goals
Teamwork Average team members see this as just doing their part on a project or problem Stars see it as helping to set and commit to goals, activities and schedules; making others feel part of the team; dealing with conflict and assisting others with problems
Leadership Average employees see this as a chance to stroke their egos Star view it as knowing how to influence and direct a group to work together to complete a task
Organisational Savvy Average performers view this as knowing how to play office politics Stars see it as knowing when to cooperate and when to compete; when to avoid conflict and when to meet it head on
Show and Tell Average employees focus on their message, not on audience needs. They write long memos, offer slick presentations and praise their work-all to get noticed by Management Stars focus on message receivers. They pick the right information for the audience and the best format deliver it

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